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July 9, 2013
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"Get avay from her!" A voice rang through your ears as you blinked knowing that voice of a fellow classmate, Ludwig, a german student who you had not known too well, though you had to admit you did kind of like the male. You blinked turning your teary eyes to the german male. He  stared at you for a moment before growling. "What zhe hell did you do to her?" He growled out through clenched teeth as his eyes no longer wanting to look at your silent crying face.

Harold smirked seeing the slight red on his cheeks before he made his way to the built foreign male. "Oh lookies here the german has a little crush on the lame girl over there." His smirk widened as he gestured toward you making you have a curious face and Ludwig's face to deepen in shade. You blinked as you finally let out a small sqeak in pain as Ronald tightned his grip on your wrist. It hurt that was for sure. It hurt like the hell fire... You bit your lip before you could make any more pain filled noises in front of them. It only encouraged the boys to continue hurting you. 'Where the hell are the teachers when you need them?' you thought as the tears slowly stoped. One boy came in front of you and brought his hand back.

You clenched your eyes shut waiting for the impact of the hand but all you met was.... No pain? You blinked your eyes though they were closed so all they did was twitch. You opened one eye to see that the hand was just  a couple inches away from you but was held back by a strong hand. You followed the hand to the face of Ludwig. Your eyes widened as you noticed that it was him. His sky blue eyes glared at the guy who almost smacked you. You smiled faintly at him before your face scruunched up in apin when your wrist was squeezed again as you turned your own angered gaze to the boy who kept squeezing your arm once the pain had receded.

You stared at him  for a while before your eyebrows came together and a stress mark would have appeared if it were an anime.  You stared at him angrily before he backed up releasing your wrist before running off to his class and followed by everyone else that tried to bully you leaving a dumbfounded you and strict german in the halls when class had already began.

"Uh... ______?" Ludwig said your name in a questionly tone of voice while you began to rub your bruised wrist. You turned your head toward him tilting your head as you hummed in question. He gestured toward your wrist before he replied. "Are you alright?" He asked before your nodded. "Y-yeah they just popped it out of its socket." You explained as you felt a thumb run across your cheek softly and you looked up at him. You saw his blue eyes were soft instead of the hard glare that he had showed the bullies. You blinked up at him as he realized what he had just done and blushed. You tilted your head after backing up from his touch. "U-uh how bout I valk you to zhe nurse's office?" He asked as you nodded in response. "S-sure." you said as he took your good hand and led you toward the nurses office.

"It really isn't that big of a deal. You should get back to class I wouldn't want you to miss an important lesson." you said thinking about how Ludwig was always so serious during class.  When you didn't get a response you turned your head to see him mumbling under his breath and he seemed angry You released your hand from his grip as you poked his shoulder. "What did you say?" You tilted your head at him.  He blinked and looked at you. "Uh... Nothing... Just if I see zhat boy  again, He is gonna get beat....." He muttered angrily as you rose an eyebrow. Why did he care? He didn't know you. "Oh so he's messed with you before?" You muttered.

"Actually its because he hurt you." He said blushing a bit as he looked away seemingly embarrassed. You blinked at his response before you felt a bit of heat come to your face. "Uh... thanks.... Y-you don't have to do that though... Its normal." You smiled as he just blinked at how calm you were. Most girls would be crying still and complaining.  You just sucked it up and dealt with it. He smiled back at you before you arrived at the nurses office and were told to sit at the nurses bed untill the nurse arrived from her lunch break. You got comfortable noticing Ludwig standing at the doorway. "hey vhy don' you come and sit next to me?" You said patting the spot next to you as you tried to copy his accent which turned out better then usual.  He chuckled at your successful attempt. "Alright." He said as he took a seat next to you. "Vith zhat accent you could pass for a german voman." He complimented as you chuckled.

"Yeah. My mum alvays had an ability to copy an accent and I guess it vas passed down to me." You smiled. he chuckled before sayin, "Ja, it seems so.  You have a real talent for it."  You grinned and nodded before you frowned rememberin something. "You should get to class." You said sadly. Though you haven't talked to him that much you enjoyed his company. He frowned at you as he took your hand. "Not until the nurse comes. I vouldn't vant zhose boys to come back and attack you again." He said before noticing your eyes were on your entwined hands. He blushed removing his finers from your skin as you smiled up at him before doing the unexpected. You practically flew over and hugged him tightly in thanks. "Thank you Ludwig. Your like a true friend." You said as your ip tightened around his waist. He blushed before muttering and this time you heard it well enough. "but I vant to be more zhen just friends...." He muttered before your blush became crimson.

"W-what?" You stuttered as his eyes widened. Had you heard him was probably just what was going through his mind. "D-did you just say...?" you trailed off your question probably knowing he understood. He looked down but nodded. "J-j-ja. I did say zhat..."  he said as you saw the red meet his cheeks again. "But you barely know me." You said trying to think of how he could like you.  "You know how one one the class activities was secret chats. Ve chatted vith another student vether it be from the same or different class?" You nodded. "Vell... I'm zhe one you vere chatting with." He mumbled as your eyes widened. "Your  germancross14?" You asked before smacking your palm against your forehead. Of course! Hes the only one that was german and had a cross necklace. "yes. I am germancross14. And your [favored screen name]." He said as you nodded. You had told him who you were in your last conversation last night. Though the class activity was over you and him continued chatting and were actually enjoying it.

You blinked before blushing. You had just realized your crush was on the german beside you. "____?" He said seems while you were in your thoughts of the recent chats you had with him he was calling your name and waving his hand in front of your face. you blinked before turning your head to him. "hmmmm?" You hummed as he blushed seeing your dazed face. "I vas just asking if you had anyzhing planned for after school." He said looking away. "Not really why?" You asked.

"Vell.... I vas vondering if maybe... YOu wanted to go to zhe movies or somezhing?" He asked befre your face beamed with happiness. "Yes! I would love that!" You hugged him tightly.  He smiled as he wrapped his arms around your waist returning the hug.

"Well... If you love birds are through I will need to look at Ms._____'s wrist to make sure it isn't swollen." The nurse said from the doorway as you both blushed crimson breaking apart and scooting to different ends of the nurse's bed and the nurse looked at your wrist before it was wrapped and you were both sent to class.
OK This is Germany's part of the series Hope you like it inro ---->… Hope you guys like it sorry for out of characterness I explained why in the intro. Sorry bout it I'm tried though! ^_^
I Do NOT own Hetalia
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